There are so many charities that offer trips to Africa. To understand how they market themselves you need to read their material.  The following is just the text from the Resuscitate the Children brochure entitled: Get the authentic African experience with a Resuscitate the Children journey abroad.

The following is the breakdown for the 24 week excursion.

Week 1: You will be assigned a territory and be given a week to settle in. You will be provided comfortable housing and time to explore the locale with your 30 person excursion group.

Week 2: You will be relocated, probably violently, by our field officer (also refered to as a master) and assigned the task of either mining, rubber farming, or constructing a house and compound for the field officer.  You will use only the master’s tools for all work and not be permitted to speak English.

Week 3-18: Continue your construction, rubber farming and mining work 16 hours each day. In your free time you will be permitted to construct you own housing downstream and downhill from the field officer’s house and only out of what you can scrounge. The field officer’s guards will whip you should you attempt to take off early, skim supplies or speak English.

Week 19-20: During the nights a portion of your excursion group will found a movement develop a new consciousness and use what they can skim from the mining and rubber-farming operations to fund the purchase weapons.

Week 21: Fight the field officer and his guards. Expect 20% casualties (usually 4-8 of your group of 30).  By the end of the week the master will be removed from his house. Enjoy an extremely brief celebration.

Week 22-23: The most dominant member of your excursion group will take up residence in the field officers former residence and come up with a new flag to fly from the compound. The rest will return to the mining, rubber farming and construction work and continue to live in your the housing you scrounged together in weeks 2 and 3.

Week 24: Return to North America and have your experience discounted totally because “it’s not Canadian experience”. If you’re white and employers don’t want to bother using that excuse to justify their racism your experience will likely differ.  Enjoy lording over your friends how wonderful a person you are because you went to Africa and that makes you so cultured for years to come.


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