As able bodided white people we are sick and tired of needless accommodation to those who require additional accommodations because their bodies don’t allow them to function in normal society.  It would be much more efficient if the money spent on accommodating those who cannot adequately function was spent on things that could produce real progress

First off the practice of double signage needs to be ended.  If you can’t read a sign you will just have get someone else to read it for you.  It isn’t just about signage but printed materials too. When you start producing non-Braille printed materials you need to provide so much more in accommodations to support those who are light-dependent readers.  Lighting, windows and even in some cases glasses are all added expenditure to accommodate the light-dependent.  This expenditure is not just fiscally large it is an unnecessary use of energy. Think of all the electricity and greenhouse gas emissions that could be saved if we removed the lighting which allows those who cannot read Braille or use a cane need to feel accommodated. By not accommodating these light-dependent folks we can save millions of dollars and the Earth.

The accommodations provided day in and day out have made society soft. When changes are made at an airport the announcement comes over a loudspeaker system alerting those who don’t have the ability to determine the situation by looking around or discussing the issue with airline staff. Those dependent on sound are some of the weakest people left in our society.  Rather than being aware drivers they simply wait for sirens to alert them when to get out of the way.  Even television and movies also pander to sound-dependent folks playing emotionally-stimulating music rather than forcing them to determine the characters mood through watching the acting and discerning what it occurring.  Such pandering to sound-dependent folks is silly and is responsible for a greater societal lack of character.

Finally in the interest of progress we need to phase out bipedal movement.  The wheel is a huge sign of human progress yet we continue to pander to measly archaic bipeds.  Rather than putting stairs at the back door so they are shamed for their behaviour we continue to place stairs at the front of buildings simply to satisfy those who continue to use this outdated method of getting around.  This needs to stop. Furthermore although this may be cruel in the case of fires the stairs should be locked just to press upon bipeds just how archaic their lives are.

In conclusion just say no to unnecessary accommodations those who require them are a drain on society.


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