Thanks to family wealth built off colonization and an educational system that favours them (collectively known as privilege if you’re trying to use academic terminology to assert your privilege) a lot of white people will go to university.  University, though valuable in reinforcing class systems, does have its down side.  Most university students will go through a moment when they feel this may not be the place for them. It is that moment somewhere between the beginning of second and the end of third year when you ask yourself why am I here? It all happens when:

The only remotely attractive person in your class is dating the TA that discusses your paper with other students and removes marks for doing the same thing he recommended last week.

Taking your professor out for dinner and/or coffee correlates more closely with high marks than either intellectual effort or academic investment.

You discover your entire department is a rent-an-opinion for a professional lobbying group.

Your professional communication professor cannot for the life of him design, produce or operate a functional Powerpoint presentation.

Your former classmate who hasn’t shown up for a single class in over two years is still in the program and with solid marks so the Dean can brag about your program’s success rate.

The entering class after you is double the size because the department “accidently” sent everyone acceptance letters rather than “thanks-for-applying letters”. The program is made distinctly easier academically to accommodate the new students.

The only non-white-cis-straight-male professor is a upper class white woman whose focus is ensuring park spaces are safe by which she means clear of homeless men of colour.

Your professor cancels final papers and replaces them with a group poster project to ease their marking load.

The only people from the previous graduating class with jobs a year later all have fathers or uncles who work in the industry.

The professional body you are supposed to join when you graduate nominated a man who starts all his articles off with a sexist anecdote. They also just approved an anti-diversity policy.

You find out the Dean is trying to shut down the department as a political ploy to get himself a position on the Board of Governors.

Your professor has only published one book. The book was published 20 years ago and it’s based of his PhD thesis, which is based off his Masters thesis, which is based off a paper he wrote in third year, which is based off a pamphlet he did at work the summer after first year, which he plagiarized.


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