Although many will think of January 16 as another day of action for Idle No More it was also the day a new counter-movement started Tolerant No More.  Organizers were kind enough to provide us a recap of the day’s activities held in a hotel basement somewhere in Southern Treaty 6.

9:00 Spreecast up – No issues as the broadcast remains up all day. It does have limited viewership as off location members of the movement struggle to tune their radios correctly.

9:10-9:30 Blood testing – All present proved their blood contained water, a native substance. It is declared that all present are themselves native as a result.

9:40-10:30 Jargoneering – Group discussion on new acronyms and slogans to support the movement.  Most were misspelled and the slogan “you should pay texas” was very popular. Terror was also discussed. Top five things which terrified participants: melanin, small rodents, dancing, change and nature.

10:40-11:50 Sign malking – Participants revelled in the childlike comforts of markers, bristol-board and the acceptance of incorrect spelling, punctuation and capitalization.

12:00-1:00 Lunch – A delicious and flavour free lunch was served.

1:10-1:30 Energizer – Participants engaged in a mouth-frothing contest. Ezra Levant broke his previous record for mouth froth with an astonishing 2 litres in 5 minutes.

1:40-3:00 Discussion of Other People – Participants were eager to have a large discussion on things they knew nothing about.  One prominent talking point was jobs and, how others should get them, all this mid-afternoon on a Wednesday.

3:10-4:00 Discussion of Rule of Law – Traditional definition of the rule of law was upheld (a phrase to be used when white power is seen as unacceptable).  One participant was attacked with the remains of the catered lunch when suggesting that instead of discussing legality, morality may be more pertinent.

4:10-5:00 Closing Remarks – The closing remarks focused on blockades. Unwilling to commit to physical action participants pledged to commit themselves to mentally blockading themselves from possible positive influences.


3 thoughts on “A Recap of the Tolerant No More conference.

  1. I believe this is an accurate depiction of the events. I understand participants were outraged to be held up by a red light upon leaving the conference. They are demanding police arrest these rogue traffic authorities.

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