There are a lot of discussions on the internet on how to deal with racism by intelligent people of colour. If you need to have a white person say it we have provided a list of how to quickly respond to common racist openings.

I am not racist but…

Then why start off with the racist’s pledge?

And I am the racist now…

No you have been for a while it is just more obvious now

I am supporting their women/I am being feminist

Are you pointing to works by ‘their’ women or are you just making it about you. No excuses.

Being accused of racism is painful…

You know what is more painful than being accused of racism: racism.

I have friends from…

First off imaginary friends don’t count and even if they are real it doesn’t make them spokespeople.

With all due respect…

Talking down to someone, that is kind of racist try again.

My ancestors are: Irish, Jewish, etc.

When we have a time machine we can go back to that time and debate it there, until then make a real point.

I don’t see race

Or your own racism, you’ll need to be honest to have this conversation.

You are being racist to white people

Sorry we are having this discussion on Earth you’ll need to cite something real.

I like all types of people.

You are not allowed to say that until you consider all people people.

Don’t call me racist.

I am not calling you anything just describing you based on an analysis of your behaviour.

I am calling for accountability.

No one is obliged to be accountable to you, but if you love it so much start with being accountable for your promotion of hatred.

Have you seen how violent they are?

Yes and the restraint given what your ilk put them through is admirable.

Well it is not as racist as…

If only your mother was a little less pregnant.


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