White People HQ recently received the letter by mistake if the appropriate authorities (we currently believe it is for the Government of Canada) could claim it that would be appreciated


Dear tenants,

Your recently submitted invoice for continued residency contains numerous absences and errors in key areas.

First of all in a significant number of places you have claimed residency there is no paperwork to support it. Nearly the entire area you describe as British Columbia and the Yukon contain no attached documentation. Let us repeat that NO ATTACHED DOCUMENTATION that is simply unacceptable. This must be remedied immediately.

Second for the areas described as the Atlantic provinces your paperwork is again dubious.  For these you submitted simply a post it note saying “pre-confederation.” Again this is unacceptable you will be required to find the proper documentation and submit it or again your residency will be revoked.

This brings us to the places for which you actually have documentation.  We have significant concerns with the documentation you provided in nearly all cases where a signature is required there is simply an ‘X’.  Given the importance of these documents surely you will understand why an ‘X’ is unreliable would you cash a cheque at your bank if in the signature slot had just an ‘X’.  These documents lead us to believe that you made verbal commitments but wrote down different things and then perhaps forged signatures. Given this concern we did look into one case further and the Wampum they had clearly stated that the residency you claimed was full ownership was in fact an agreement for uncontested sharing.

Obtaining documentation

As you have surely notice we have been patient and will continue to be but not forever.  First off we need you to ensure that you receive your documentation from  the appropriate nation. In the past we have at times recognized signatures from those not designated as leaders although we are no longer doing that.  Let us be very clear anyone you appoint is not a leader and their signatures will not be accepted.  Finally you must have all documentation provided in writing in the language of the signatories, your  habit of saying one thing at the signing and then writing up a better deal for yourself in your language on paper afterwards will not longer be tolerated.

Sincerely and with declining patience,

The Landlords


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