Here at White People HQ we were going to present a speech made by one community member on how white people are being treated unfairly. Unfortunately this individual was unable to make it due to a hold up at airport security so in place of the speech we provide this letter of apology from the speaker.

Dear White People HQ,

At this time it appears I will not be able to make my speaking engagement as I will be tied up indefinitely at airport security. This is the result of my refusal to tolerate the unfair treatment I suffer every day.

When I arrived at airport security despite my name (Anders) I was encourage to simply flash my wrist and be thereby able to access the express line. I however refused the special treatment and went through the regular search procedure. Once inside not once, despite my name and resemblance to Mr Breivik, was I accused of having a desire to commit violent actions. I noticed that the instructions on the wall for French-speaking customs agents read: “employez juste votre racism” through which they were clearly excluding me.

The airport issue may not have been such a problem if I hadn’t had a delay on the road to the airport.  On the way over I pulled over in front of a police officer. Stunned at my actions he told me to drive away. I refused as clearly I was driving a car that looked a bit expensive for me and insisted he run my plates along with my registration.  There was nothing and he attempted once again to get me to leave. I exited the car and insisted he search me. He did so reluctantly and with disappointingly minimal force showing just how engrained this differential treatment is.  Once on my way I realized he had not run my ID through his computer despite the comfort with which my face would fit between Jeffrey Dahlmer and Robert Pickton in a police lineup. Even though I had begged the office to do his job properly he had made a significant error based solely on my skin colour.

The drive might have been doable if not for my apartment being so far away. I was going to find one on my own but I had my Somali colleague call back (with her crying baby in the background) all the apartments that offered me a showing and what do you know only one was still available when she called right after I did. The aparment is way out of the way but it is okay because I am not paid very well at my corner store night job so I cannot afford a bigger place anyway. I keep sending out resumes with my MBA front and centre, well underneath the name I use to apply to disguise my whiteness because I wouldn`t want to be treated unfairly in the job market. No calls back yet but at least on this I know that I am doing my piece to end the unfair treatment of we white people face.

Frankly the double standards that we face everyday are sickening I await with patience their change. Once again my apologies for being unable to make the speech.

Yours Sincerely,

-Name Pterodacted-


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