Canada is not racist. Now the U.S. they are racist.

Canada is not racist we don’t make people classify themselves according to race, just immigration status. Well sure, colloquially we use race to guess at who is an immigrant and then assume less of those we classify as such but that is not racist because we have a proxy. Immigrants will catch up just the way white people did (by shafting others) it is this belief that prevents us from being racist.

Canada is not racist because we were the end of the underground railroad. What do you mean how were people treated once they got to Canada? We were the end of the underground railroad that means that is where the history ends if there was any other history we’d have  learnt it in school.

Canada is not racist. The head tax has been abolished for years. Sure the points system makes people spend thousands on an education they will never be recognized for receiving in Canada. But the money spent on the headtax which and the money spent now on an education never to be acknowledged are not the same.

Canada is not racist. We haven’t had segregated schooling since the 1965 if you don’t count the reserve school system which is chronically underfunded or the  ESL programs where children are dumped even when they come from English speaking countries in West Africa and the Caribbean.

Canada is not racist. Have you not seen Tim Uppal and Alice Wong both get to sit behind the Prime Minister and not say anything. Sure the four men to the Prime Minister’s left and the eight men to his right are all white and central to his cabinet but that doesn’t make Canada racist. How could it be racist both opposition parties and all premiers have been white for generations.

Canada is not racist. The fact that white men are not sent on starlight tours and white women do not have a highway named after their tears is the result of numerous individual and unrelated cases.

Canada is not racist. We have official multiculturalism which lets anyone practice their culture as long as said culture consists entirely of food and music and can be consumed by white Canadians without anyone challenging them on it.

Canada is not racist. Sorry but if it were there would be legislation segregating non-white people to specific areas the way South Africa had when they copied our system.


4 thoughts on “Sorry but Canada is Not Racist

  1. Legislation would have been in order however if they had not killed off ninety five percent of my family numbers, the remaining twenty two of us left don’t justify the expense, poor white people just have to suck it up here and push for themselves.

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