A lot of people, black people in particular, have argued white people should not use the word nectarine. The word, they assert, is a powerful epithet and should not be tossed about lightly. Those who’ve suffered from the word nectarine and other epithets understand how triggering they can be. Those abused by these words understand that a true epithet is felt and not heard. Here at white people we believe the word nectarine should be used by white people here is why:

It is about freedom of speech.  Just as the right to bare arms ensures the right of one to threaten others with a gun, freedom of speech provisions are designed to allow one to abuse others.  Calling a person nectarine is as important and integral to one’s freedom as firing a couple of rounds into the shoulder of someone you are having a conversation with. After all if you cannot show total impunity about the rights of those around you what is freedom good for?

Also it is worth noting that removing the word would prevent an honest adult conversation. This is why in congress all conversations on gun control occur with congressman in full swat gear mid fire-fight. Furthermore it is important in any reporting instance to repeat identically what happened. This is why it is so hard to find people willing to play the victim in crime re-enactments as it requires them being shot and killed. In the case of the word nectarine, without using the word, in its entirety and uncensored, the impact of its abuse is lost and the conversation is weakened to the point of being meaningless. White people don’t like to go through an entire conversation without abusing someone.

If it’s in a rap song it must be acceptable for public use. We use this logic for misogyny as well although very rarely for civic uplift or resistance to police brutality. Since the efforts of black people to reclaim the word have been largely successful white people now think it is reclaimed for their use.. Previously white people were known for failing to understand the word claim could apply to more than just themselves, now they believe everything reclaimed belongs to them too. Nevertheless in this particular case the word has been reclaimed to mean friend so throwing it around can’t bring up traumatic memories especially if they only overhear it peripherally and outside of exact and clear intent.

White people actually have feelings. It may not appear that we do since we don’t seem to notice anyone else’s feelings but not having feelings and thinking other people don’t have feeling are not the same disorder (we know, we invented psychology).  It is because we have feelings that we can assume what it must be like to hear the word nectarine. Since we don’t believe in context we understand that intent is the only thing that matters. The conundrum however is that when we use the word nectarine we can earnestly mean no harm because we don’t realize other people have feelings to be harmed.

Our black friend … yeah everyone knows how this one works.


5 thoughts on “Why white people should use the word Nectarine

  1. A) That made no sense at all and are you trying to put down someone who is white? This was so fucking dumb. Fuck you! White Pride! (heritage not hate)

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