You know here at White People HQ our surveillance is impeccable so today we bring you the very discussion that went on before the franchise management came up with the team name Ottawa Tomahawks. It’s just like being in the room when the oxygen supply was cut.

Okay people ready to name this team?


I guess.

Did everyone bring their best ideas?

Yes boss.

Okay what do people have?

I was thinking the Ottawa ‘13s, like the ‘67s but with the number 13 because it is starting this fall, fall 2013.

That name seems unlucky though.

How about: the Bytown Bullies?

Not a good name right now, bullying has a bad name we don’t want the press to skewer us.

I was thinking we should name it after a cool basketball move.

Good idea.

Someone open up youtube lets see some cool basketball moves.

Okay, here is a good video.

What is that move called?

A free-throw, but I think we can do better than that.

What is that one called?

A through the legs lay-up.

That name seems kind of long.

What about that one?

A tomahawk dunk.

Oh that sounds cool.

The Ottawa Dunkers, or would it be the Ottawa Dunks?

Those sound stupid.

The Tomahawks?

That sounds good, everyone good with the Tomahawks?


Me too.

Fine by me I just need to get outside.

I know, it feels like we haven’t been outside in thirty years.


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