So far white people have existed for approximately 500 years and in that time they:

  • Claimed to discover places where people already were.
  • Ruined written language through legalese, textspeak and euphemism.
  • Re-invented astrology.
  • Took their math system from Arabs who they then claimed were uncivilized
  • Created a medical system that prizes plastic surgery over dying children.
  • Tried to claim economics was a science.
  • Invented a way to write down music but relied on Black people to actually develop music.
  • Based almost all their songs on a single instrument: the guitar.
  • Used metallurgy to create better bullets and worse cars than the rest of the world.
  • Invented the most snobbish and irritatingly insular clubs for people with yachts.
  • Industrialized using a combination of dangerous engineering and child labour.
  • Relied on slavery for manual labour.
  • Invented apartheid and racism.
  • Became morally 200 years behind the rest of the world.
  • Have a history that is notable only for genocide.

Are these people in trouble? Yes.

Do they need help? Yes.

Are they responsible enough to look after themselves and efficiently spend the billions they are given? Certainly not.

The only way to fix this situation is to bring them into society as equals. They should be getting jobs and paying their share like the rest of us because in reality, they are no more special than any of the other hundred or more non-made up  cultures that call Canada home.

Turn off the taps. If they won’t share potable water don’t let them have it. Educate their children to become modern citizens.

Instead of finding in their made up identity a source of pride because they’ve tried to occupy the land  for a mere 400 let them stand or fall on their own account.

Just like the rest of us have to. No more free ride whiteys.

Nanaimo Bar


11 thoughts on “Educate white people to be modern citizens

  1. Racism is as old as humanity. Like with most anything, whites did not invent it, and it has never been the exclusive domain of whites. The same for slavery, practiced by everyone for thousands of years. Sorry, but claiming that whites invented both in the last 500 years is kind of racist. Even the last one has false information (and is thus perhaps also racist), as, when you look at Red China and socialist Cambodia in the 1970s, you will see a non-white “race” at least as bad at genocide as whites are.

  2. Sure sounds like ur the racist using slang words like whitey. Grow up and smell the roses. Time to take a trip up north and see what’s really going on. Dumb ass

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