In its attempt to monger grievances the white community has taken to defining and sub-defining the words people use to explain violence and power in our society.  When debating with these people it is important to understand the definitions they use

Race – Ironically white people, who accuse others even discussing race of backwardness, continue to hold to a biological notion of race rooted in genetics and populations. Denying that they believe in their own superiority on a social level white people are continuing to challenge the strawman of genetic difference based race pretending that is what people mean when they talk about race. White people would have realized no one is talking about genetics, as it was discredited over fifty years ago, if said white people weren’t so racist they never read anything by a person of colour.

White genocide – An accusation leveled at those discussing the possibility that people who currently identify as white may consider efforts to eliminate their privilege and help create a society without the racially superior position currently known as white.

Race-baiting  –  Acknowledging racism exists.

Oppression – A notion, remembrance, belief, etc., often of a vague or indistinct nature as in: the white man had a general oppression of lights, voices, and the clinking of silver.

Institutional Racism – Something of which white people are unwitting benefactors and therefore must not be held responsible for addressing.

Anti-white Racism – Although those familiar with contemporary definitions of racism will recognize this as a fiction for white people this has a reality.  Crowdsourced research by us here at the HQ indicates anti-white racism consists solely of name calling, mean looks and the occasional fight among teenagers.

Reverse Racism – When a person of colour finally, after repeated microaggressions, reacts by attempting to ignore a white person’s ignorant yelping or worse tries to inform them of how things work outside said white person’s imagination.

Reverse discrimination – Anything ever done to make up for the structural results of historic and continued racism.

Hate Speech – Satire, criticism and the like.

White Privilege – A scam designed to trick white people into thinking about how they get places they don’t really deserve to be.

Bullying – When a group confronts a white person on their racism and challenges that white person’s thinking in a less than totally deferent manner.

Power –  The science dealing with electric charges and currents. Power travels via a current of electrons along a wire.

Context – Anything outside of the last 15 minutes is considered history, in the past and irrelevant, unless you are discussing the crusades. Ironically some white people will accuse you of being yourself ahistorical whilst complaining that you talk about how ideas and social structures are constructed.  Whatever you do don’t try and bring in context to a discussion on racism with white people as they will either invent stats or try and drag you into a war of anecdotes.

Prejudice – Mean thoughts, and judgements. Although for those who aren’t white, prejudice suggests a pre-judgement without context, for white people the disbelief in context means they will not acknowledge the previous era on which you based any judgement thereby making any judgement you make in their mind prejudiced.

Colour-blindness – A strategy where one squints their eyes to look at the world. After one performs this physical act they perform an ideological act of denial to the other and the self. Ironically those who prescribe to this belief are often hard to make out as the constant dogwhistling detracts from their ability to speak or type.

New-Age Racism – Although its name evokes the appropriation of yoga and Asian worldviews new-age racism has nothing to do with these concepts. Nevertheless to understand it you need to be able to perform significant mental contortions where the history and logic gets fucked more than anything in the Karma Sutra.  Basically it is conversations of racism that use context (which white people don’t believe in) and an understanding of power (which white people don’t understand).


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