Here at White People HQ, we’ve been investigating how to make lemons into lemonade. We discovered a recipe written by the same white person who is credited with coining the famous phrase: if life gives you lemons make lemonade.

When life gives you lemons the ideal course of action is to make lemonade.

First of all life shall provide you some lemons in either a small crate or basket. Lemons arrive from a number of sources, either a servant will pick some from your lemon grove or they may arrive as a gift from a fellow plantation owner.

The next step is to acquire some sugar.  This can be easily skimmed as a surplus from the local mill. It is important to maintain a supply of sugar on hand at all times in case life provides you with a portion of lemons.  Ensure that this sugar is the top grade not leftovers. If one maintains a good relationship between their plantation and the mill owner this portion of sugar should not cost the plantation owner anything.

Finally one needs some water.  Take the water from the good well and have a servant create a fire over which one can boil the water.  Once the water is boiled allow it to cool slightly before proceeding.

While the water is boiling you will need to have the lemons sliced, then juiced and the seeds removed.  The juice of the lemon is acidic and slicing lemons with a sharp knife can be dangerous so have a servant take care of this.

When complete you will want to mix equal parts water and lemon juice together. Have a servant do the stirring as this will get tiring on the arm after a while.  Add sugar to taste with the servant stirring continuously.  Since the mixture is sour you will want to have a servant taste the mixture until it reaches the correct level of sweetness.

Allow the mixture to cool and if possible have ice added to it and then you will have your own homemade cold lemonade. This will help you deal with that age old question, what to do when life give you lemons.


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