Determining whether you are white or not is not overly complicated.  Just ask yourself the following.

Do others consider you white?

YES: Then you are white.

NO: Then you are not white.

Even if you aren’t white you can still think like a white person though. Whiteness includes a state of mind and it is when this pernicious element is removed that the true scourge will be lifted.. Check the list below to see which characteristics of white thought you exhibit. Get rid of these and the people around you will feel much better.

  • the police make you feel safer.
  • you only talk about the plight of brown women overseas and never the ones whose abuse you’re implicated in.
  • your non-white friends are all imaginary.
  • you say “what about class and/or gender” before someone even finishes saying the word racism.
  • you vote Republican or Conservative and it’s not out of self-loathing.
  • you don’t understand how racism works even though it is so good to you.
  • you think racism against white people is a real thing.
  • your definition of balance always maintains you at the centre.
  • your bigotry and self-loathing don’t interfere with one another.
  • you talk about caucasians but never the Caucasus.
  • you tell the person your assaulting to fix the relationship and get irritated when they revolt.
  • you can shoot 20 children and none of your relatives make the terrorist watch list.
  • the thing you exercise most is your privilege.
  • you prefer a good critique to concrete change.
  • you can’t tell the difference between a tribute and a halloween costume.
  • the only genocide you talk about is the holocaust and even then just the Jewish part.
  • you find yourself excusing a genocide.
  • you build a house with the master’s tools or if you try to use them for demo work.

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