We are trying to collate a list of how to say white person in every language spoken on Earth.  Know one we missed, email us or twitter us (if we haven’t been suspended (again (seriously twitter come on!!))).

  1. English  – white person
  2. Yoruba – oyinbo
  3. Anishnaabe – Zhaagnash (English), Wemtigoozhi (French) and/or Chimookman (American)
  4. Lakota – wasichu
  5. Wolof – toubab
  6. Fon – yovo
  7. isiZulu – mlungu
  8. Kanien’kehakeh – o’seronni
  9. Nehiyaw – moniyaw
  10. Cantonese – gwai lo
  11. Swahili – mzungu
  12. Inuktitut – qallunaat
  13. Gujrati – goryo

3 thoughts on “How do you say white people?

  1. Firingee (foreigner, not necessarily white, but commonly used for white people) – Hindi
    Gora (literally ‘white’ or ‘fair’) – Hindi
    Faran(g)(sometimes also used to denote ‘foreigner’ but often saved for white people) – Thai
    Mat Salleh – Malay
    Bule(h) – Indonesian

  2. Tibetan — Inji

    Literally means “english”, from the invasion of Tibet by Younghusband and other contacts with white westerners trying to take over the country, most of whom were from England.

    Among exile Tibetans has come to mean “westerner” (ie, foreigner from non-Asian countries), but it seems less comfortably used (i think this is unconscious) for a non-white westerner.

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